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Your order and your budget are my challenge - what can I do for you?

Unmistakable positioning with high recognition. Stagings with lasting effect.  With a media network I position brands, services, companies and your informations in society and your in your sales market. With great experience, I dig up your thematic treasures and find the right words and the right media for complex content.  Cross over: Online, Print, Radio and TV. Two decades of journalism guarantee the best possible press coverage and press work for every genre and industry.

30 years of experience:  Storytelling PR and compelling reports attract attention and increase awareness. Convincing photos, authentic video films, fascinating PR from concept to publication.

Some of my previous customers:
Lucky Plants

"The secret to success involves not only knowing what is needed tomorrow, but how I make that known beforehand!"
Henry Ford

Makrofotografie Uhrwerk
Video eines Konzerts
Dominic Veken Coach

"No one reads advertisements or watches boring commercials. People read and watch what interests them and only sometimes it is advertising.  People want to be entertained:   Tell a good story, make a show, fascinate them, then they are also interested in you".
Howard Luck Gossage

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