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Public Relations   & Communications Consultant   
Storytelling Experts

Social Media, Print, Radio und TV

Amaze, touch and fascinate.  Inform, entertain and remind.
Communication is my profession !

Storytelling PR, public relations and press relations with 30 years of journalistic experience. Authentic content with strategic planning. As a storytelling expert, I unearth your thematic treasures and find the right words for complex content as well as the right media in all areas: print, online, radio and TV. Communication in harmony on all channels. Consulting for social media - output with control over news, opinions and ratings.  As a small team, we ensure the authentic euphony of the media orchestra and keep an eye on your reputation. Organization and support of press conferences as well as German press office functions in the short and long term.

Text, photography and video: Your content

Public Relations, Press network Print, Online und TV

Authentic storytelling.

 Informative. Entertaining.

Some of our last clients:

Our main themes and knowledge

* Agriculture and agricultural technology
* Tourism, travel, leisure, theme parks
* Culture Events, Concerts, Theatre

* Environment, Nature and Climate

* Alternative energy technologies
* Medicine, Beauty & Body Care
* Society and Social Issues
* Innovations and Future

* Food and luxury goods
* Film, entertainment
* E-commerce
* Industry

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