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Your order and your budget are my challenge - what can I do for you?

Unmistakable positioning with high recognition. Stagings with lasting effect.  With a media network I position brands, services, companies and your informations in society and your in your sales market. With great experience, I dig up your thematic treasures and find the right words and the right media for complex content.  Cross over: Online, Print, Radio and TV. Two decades of journalism guarantee the best possible press coverage and press work for every genre and industry.

30 years of experience:  Storytelling PR and compelling reports attract attention and increase awareness. Convincing photos, authentic video films, fascinating PR from concept to publication.

Some of my previous customers:

"No one reads advertisements or watches boring commercials. People read and watch what interests them and only sometimes it is advertising.  People want to be entertained:   Tell a good story, make a show, fascinate them, then they are also interested in you".
Howard Luck Gossage

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