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Natural cosmetics brand Miyako was founded in Kyoto in 1897. Until 1946, the products were intended only for the geishas and could only be used by them in the traditional geisha houses. Today, the formulas still come from this culturally rich time, but have been adapted to meet the needs of today's skin. In addition to moisturizers and minerals, Miyako Japan care contains highly effective rice wine ferment, which has always been highly valued in Japanese beauty care. It is produced according to a 300-year-old tradition in one of Kyoto's most renowned sake breweries. However, with Ying Sultana we now reach the pinnacle of natural products.



〒530-0043 大阪市北区天満1丁目6番7号

ミヤコ株式会社 管理部総務課

TEL  (06)6352-6931   FAX  (06)6354-0031

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